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June 2021

Dick Drainers - Savannah Fox Dick Drainers - Savannah Fox Dick Drainers - Savannah Fox

Posted on April 22, 2019

Oversea April 22, 2019

Dick Drainers - Savannah Fox

Savannah Fox - Thug Teaches The Teacher A Lesson On Eating Black Ass Released: April 22, 2019Working in the inner city sucks. Sure you hear all the stories about making a difference, changing lives, being a role model, etc. But these animals do not give a single fuck. They are little demons! Savage, angry demons! I made the mistake of thinking I could help these BLACK THUGS. And now I'm stuck in this useless job at this awful high school with brats who seem allergic to learning. All they want to do is smoke, sell drugs, talk about how big their black dicks are...They constantly call each other the N word (but Lord forbid I do it) and are always trying to "get on hoes". Everyday they look at me like I'm a piece of meat! I swear if one of these thugs says something about my ass again we are gonna have a problem! Thanks to being the newest member on the staff, I get the worst assignments. And today my assignment is telling one of these ghetto thugs that he can't come back to school. And even worse, I have to go to his fucking house to deliver the news. I did not sign up for this! This guy's name is Branden. He's only been in my class a few times but I've heard a lot about him. About how he robs other students after school. About how he's been caught inside the girls locker room stroking his cock wearing a creepy mask while watching the girls change. He's a pervert. A future sex offender. A real piece of work. Don't know how he got a scholarship but I guess if you can run and jump somebody will take you. But whatever. This little thug's criminal career is about to be over. I'm going to deliver this news and then take my ass home to the suburbs, have a nice glass of wine, and look for another job outside of the ghetto. I'm too good for this.Preview: DickDrainers.Savannah.Fox.SD.mp4 Size: 354 MB | Duration: 36 min | Video: 854x480, 1380 kbits/s, 15.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎165 kbits/sDownload: Spare links:


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