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May 2024

"You're such a pervert!" Excited by the insults of a sadistic beauty ♡ [Pants purchase]

Posted on May 15, 2024

Voyeur May 15, 2024

"You're such a pervert!" Excited by the insults of a sadistic beauty ♡ [Pants purchase]"You're such a pervert!" Excited by the insults of a sadistic beauty ♡ [Pants purchase]

"You're such a pervert!" Excited by the insults of a sadistic beauty ♡ [Pants purchase]
Thank you for always visiting.
My hobby is negotiating the purchase of used underwear.
This time, we made an appointment on the bulletin board and met at a certain bathroom.
When we arrived, a beautiful blonde woman was there.
Why are you rolling the camera? I was asked, so
I managed to get an OK by paying the money in addition to the purchase price.
At that point, I felt a little displeased...
Let me check your pants right away.
When I tried to look under it, I was told, "It's creepy."
When a cute girl tells me that she hates me
I think it's a reward...
From the looks of it, I thought it was a flashy pair of pants,
Surprisingly, she was wearing pure white panties.
Gap is the best...
Don't just look at it, but also appreciate the M-shape and the bite.
Even though he says he doesn't like it, he shows it to me.
I am very satisfied with the lip service with a lot of S spirit.
I couldn't contain my excitement anymore, so I asked if she could show me her breasts as well.
I was refused, saying, "You're too nervous."
After additional money, the negotiation was easily successful.
When she lifts her clothes, her beautiful breasts are fully visible.
The shape is good and the nipples are a beautiful pink color...
The woman herself asked, ``Is it okay to see just one?Would you like to see both?'' !
I can't hold back anymore, so I negotiate with her and let her touch me a little.
It's the best feeling to the touch...
It's time to move on to the main topic, purchasing pants.
I will ask you to take it off and receive your pants.
It's great that the warmth is still there...
He has been wearing them for about 3 months, so the smell seems to be ingrained in them...
I couldn't resist and tried to smell it, but as expected, I was stopped.
I took the opportunity to invite her to the hotel.
How are you getting on? Come on, jerk off here!
After saying that, he ran away and went home.
Unfortunately, I'll have to enjoy it alone at home.
Please take a look.
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