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October 2023

《Purchase of luxury condominium》

Posted on June 30, 2021

Voyeur June 30, 2021

《Purchase of luxury condominium》

She is a transcendentally beautiful person who took care of me all the way from the preview to the purchase. Since this apartment is for the wealthy, the service was quite good. It seems that the manual is quite detailed, and it is an internal examination to become a guide for such an apartment.
I think I need to pass. As much as I was in charge from the beginning, the guard was quite loose at the end. I still have her in stock, so I'll take a closer look at the panchira ver. chest chilla ver.
Audio: Yes
Frame width 1920 x 1080 ・This work was shot as a situational video for the purpose of being released to the public.
・This work pursues the fetishes in my private life, and is not a voyeur film.
・Reproduction of images, videos, etc. is strictly prohibited.

nanonano01.zip(File size: 233M byte)

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