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October 2022

[Back side of skirt] When the clerk was looking back, I inserted the camera into the skirt of the uniform.

Posted on May 30, 2020

Voyeur May 30, 2020

[Back side of skirt] When the clerk was looking back, I inserted the camera into the skirt of the uniform.

This time, two cosmetics clerk appeared!
It was a high-risk shoot with the camera plugged into the skirt.
1st person-~ 2 minutes 16 seconds
The first one aimed at working in the store!
This is a fairly wide shop.
It's easier to aim at a narrower one (because it's easier to get closer), but I aimed at it because there was a cute clerk.
This time, I used a watch-type camera that I don't usually use so much.
You can shoot while behaving relatively naturally.
While picking up the product, stretch your arms and adjust the angle to aim inside the skirt.
When the clerk is facing backwards, he approaches quietly, picks up the product in the lower row, adjusts the angle, and shoots.
Well, I took a chance to insert a counterfeit small camera into my uniform skirt!
Reach into the skirt several times and take a close-up shot right in front of your panties!
It was a high-risk shooting that the voyeur would be broken if I could move even a little, so I was more nervous than usual.
After this, I usually take an upside-down shot while consulting about the product, but I felt a little cautious, so I decided to give up.
When I got home and checked the video, it was a pretty nice ass, so I regret that I should have taken more.
2nd person-12 minutes 17 seconds ~ 12 minutes 21 seconds
This is a clerk at another store.
During the lunch break, I found a place where I came to buy a lunch box at a convenience store, so I started shooting immediately!
I also took a picture of choosing lunch boxes and drinks and lining up at the cash register.
When I checked the video, it was pretty naughty underwear, so I will chase after getting out of the convenience store so as not to be wary.
While waiting for the traffic light and aiming for panchira, I thought about how to take a picture, and as a result, I came up with a way to listen to the way!
Around the crosswalk, "I'm sorry. I want to go to XX, but my smartphone has run out of charge .."
I will call out with the feeling that I said.
Maybe he's wearing a uniform, so he kindly tells me.
I was told how to get there by bus, but I persistently ask for the bus rotary platform number.
Finally, I intentionally dropped the paper I had in my hand and aimed at crouching panchira!
* All characters involved in this work are over 18 years old.
* This work is a sentence for you to enjoy the voyeur-style situation, including the explanation. It is not a confession of crime.
* All works are fiction.
* Photographed with the consent of the model.
* The model is a cosplayed subject.
* Sending, reprinting, resale, secondary use, etc. to a third party is strictly prohibited.
Playback time 12 minutes 21 seconds
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Format mp4
Codec H.264
File Size: 1.37 Gb
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:12:21

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