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September 2023

[Dangerous work 5 part 1] Young lady K's first dad activity and gym clothes play

Posted on June 30, 2021

Voyeur June 30, 2021

[Dangerous work 5 part 1] Young lady K's first dad activity and gym clothes play

It's Summer Sky This dangerous work is dangerous
Cute K-chan in the past + first in the industry?
Gym Uniform Stealing ○ Handjob & Mouth Ejaculation! I had a miraculous encounter with K from that famous Catholic school for girls.
The condition is a model photo session of gym clothes and uniforms at a dad activity & hotel, the price is 10,000 w
I was caught by the word "model photo session"
Papa life seems to be the first time. I don't seem to have any friends lol When I go to the meeting place, a neat and tall K-chan stands out!
As you would expect from a model shoot, she has a tall, slender and perfect body.
Then come closer and check with a smile
Cute...too cute! Papa katsu went to a 100 yen shop, don ○ ー, karaoke wasn't done in Corona, so I went to an arcade, a convenience store, and a fast food course
When I turned it upside down as usual, it was truly a young lady.
Dazzling standard pure white
Conversation is always polite and cheerful! She was a good girl too! And a photo session at the hotel
I took a shower because I was sweating on a hot day
it was nice on a hot day
In the meantime, I stole my smartphone unnaturally ○
But since she's an obedient young lady, there's no room for doubt and she talks with a smile w And then to the photo session
Ask politely, "Is it okay if I wear gym clothes?"
Mysterious excitement is up in gym clothes w
I couldn't stand it and negotiated a bargain at 10,000.
"Then if it's just a hand," it's established
I feel like I've lost momentum rather than money
I couldn't put up with the tricks in gym clothes and forced my mouth.
"Too warm!"
Then I take off my jersey and hit it again
"Just use your hands, please."
“30,000! 30,000!”
An obedient young lady + being a daddy for the first time, she reluctantly gave up
young lady licks me
Excited about the P-line of the white gym clothes chest and jersey w
The last flashy mouth launch
When I say "I'm sorry"
What a good girl! It's still the first part, but it's the first work in the past, so please! Please enjoy the gym clothes and the young lady! caution
This work will be a vertical video
Contains some voice cuts and mosaics
There is no sequel to this work
Compressed with 4K editing
There are some voice cuts and mosaics to prevent the body from being exposed.
Recorded number of people: Lady K-chan
Recording time 20:04
Capacity: 4.01G◎This work has a voyeuristic style in both the video and the description, but it is all fiction. ◎ The person who is photographed in the work is a model, and we have confirmed that he/she is an adult with his/her identification card. ◎Because the model is photographed with prior approval and permission, it does not violate portrait rights, nuisance prevention ordinances, or child pornography prohibition laws, and does not promote crime. ◎This product is sold as a limited edition and is strictly prohibited to reprint or resell.◎This work is an image video that uses a model and has nothing to do with a real school.

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