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October 2023

[Photography Barre 05] Glasses girl JK

Posted on June 30, 2021

Voyeur June 30, 2021

[Photography Barre 05] Glasses girl JK

Hello! I'm Thomas Glans (^ ^) Recently, I noticed a new technique.
That's right! I put a camera in my bag!
Well, the reason I noticed this is because there is a bulletin board on the platform of the station.
It was written over there
"Watch out for voyeurism! Cameras are installed everywhere.
"Shoes, bags, pens, ties, etc..."
Thanks to the station staff for the hint!
Until now, I had only taken pictures with my smartphone, but the day after I saw it, I started to carry a camera in my bag every day (laughs).
_____________Two days after preparing the set.
Check the beautiful leg Ao Che JK in front.
There were people at the station, but rather good conditions to insert a bag?!
With that in mind, I tracked behind and secured the back on the escalator. It was the first time I used a bag for voyeur photography, so
(I wonder if I can take a picture.I wonder if it will be reflected well...) I checked my smartphone screen...
It was beautifully shot (;;
Until now, I could only plug in my smartphone, so
Sanctuary from below. What used to be a world of 1 second and 2 seconds turned into a dream world of 5 seconds and 6 seconds (;; I am really grateful for the station staff's poster (;; The waiting time for the train is gradually approaching on the platform, and the bag...
The white panties from the blue sky and the best schu train have arrived, so I'm going to the front as usual..
When I thought that, I was seated by a young girl (;;
(get off at the next station~get off at the next station~)
I kept praying in my heart and it came down beautifully whether my thoughts got through!
Thank you, now it's my turn.
I gently moved to the front seat so as not to be noticed,
Pretending to be fiddling with the smartphone as if reading a manga on the smartphone and start shooting.
I point my smartphone at the child and watch it for a while, sometimes while observing it directly. seen. Noticed ah!
But huh? Are you ignoring me? I tilted my head, but
I was ignored and not even closed my legs!
terrible. This ignorance really intrigued me.
Up until now, many of the children have closed their legs.
This kid is dangerous (;; see you again in a while
(Hmm. I'm still watching~) ← It's my imagination
Tilt your head and flip the skirt
I thought that my panties were already digging in, but when I crossed my legs, my panties (;; But when I crossed my legs, my thighs were unbearable.
The ultimate is to open your legs [Piece in front of panties] It's the first time for a JK to show off so far.
My crotch was also reaching its limit, but I put my bag on my knee and held it down. As the station to get off got closer, I started carrying my bag.
I want to play a little trick and want to have more contact
Put the pen in your breast pocket into the aisle...
(Pick up, pick up, pick up...) Sit down in front of me and look up at me,
"Did you drop it?" I missed one station due to your gentle voice and expression. If you enjoy this video, please press the Good button. . ■ File format: mp4
■ Playback time: 5 minutes 04 seconds
■ Resolution: 2160 × 3840
■ Frame rate: 30fps
■ Data capacity: 469.8MB
■ Audio: Yes (partially cut)
■Mosaic face: None ・The background may be modified
・The audio may be cut.
・We have confirmed that the characters appearing in this work are over the age of 18.
・The people appearing in this work are models, and they are photographed with their consent.
・This work is a situation work shot in a hidden camera style.
・Reproduction of this work is strictly prohibited.

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