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June 2023

[J Observation Party] Short Stature B*kko Girl Showed Off Her Perfect Big Ass ♡

Posted on Dec. 31, 2021

Voyeur Dec. 31, 2021

[J Observation Party] Short Stature B*kko Girl Showed Off Her Perfect Big Ass ♡

Hello, I'm small.
I love young girls and I love them so much. A long time ago, J◯ cafe was all the rage in Aki Hara. What do you do here?
While appreciating so-called young girls
It's a place where perverted fathers are shy.
Collect information from SNS etc.
I was finally able to find it. Below are the details. 0:50 sec~ Unbutton her uniform, bra and cleavage 1:15 sec~ Rubbing her soft-looking breasts with both hands 2:25 sec~ Most of her uniform is taken off, revealing herself 2:40 sec~ Yubari Melon Oversized pre-kets advent that looks delicious like
Then, at 3:20, he pushes the price through the acrylic board and rolls up his school uniform skirt. Erotic lights are on the terrace, white pants are boldly advent
After that, she traces her thighs and crotch areas with lewd gestures from 4:25 seconds~ *Must-see
From 4:40, when I could clearly see the nipples that I could see but couldn't see, I was embarrassed when I tried to do M-legs. However, after that she boldly opens M-shaped legs and shows off pants and the vicinity of the private part. From 6:00 onwards, he crawls on all fours and presses an extra-large pricket onto the acrylic board. The crushed buttocks are very spectacular. Then, maybe to excite me, he pushes me against the acrylic board with a tired movement in the back. From 7:20 onwards, she opens M-shaped legs again and this time she starts masturbating. I paid a little high money for her to seduce me with erotic appearances one after another as if she knew my desires.
For a middle-aged father like me
The seductive pose of a young child is very attractive and
On the contrary, sexual desire will not catch up. I would like everyone to experience this space. MP4
8 minutes 19 seconds
433MB・Some of the audio has been cut because it contains personal names and group names.
・There are scenes where the background is partly blurred or CG is applied.
・Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of original works is prohibited.
・This is a covert-style work. Please enjoy it as a fictitious situation.
・The age of the model of this work is 18 years or older with an ID card.
・It does not contain content that violates the terms of use or the laws applied in Japan.

jkcafe01.zip(File size: 426M byte)

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