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February 2024

[OL Edition] Upside-down on-site shooting (NO, 276)

Posted on Jan. 31, 2023

Voyeur Jan. 31, 2023

[OL Edition] Upside-down on-site shooting (NO, 276)

Pa276.zip will be specially reduced by 10% for one week from the release of pa276.zip! Enjoy the tension-filled on-site shooting in the video! <First person> Number of shots: 2 A beautiful office lady who asked for a photo shoot at NO.241, this time she also became a model before going to work!
What I thought while shooting this time is that the part that resembles the actress Kita 〇 Kei 〇 depending on the angle is a beautiful model anyway (lol)
It's inside the essential skirt, but on this day she showed me pure white panties inside the tight skirt!
She wears a skirt with a slit and has seductive thighs.
●Pantyhose <Second person> Number of shots: 3 Neat black-haired OL in her late twenties.
White blouse & gray skirt & black high heels, if you don't mind what kind of underwear you're wearing under that skirt, it's rather abnormal (laughs)
Such a girl was letting black P bite through pantyhose with a clear center seam!
Please confirm with your own eyes the fact that an office lady who works seriously actually has her panties cut into her skirt! There is a face
●Pantyhose playback time: 1 minute 47 seconds & 2 minutes 24 seconds
*This work has sound to make you feel more realistic. Please note the volume. ★This work was filmed with the consent of the model, and we have confirmed that the model is over the age of 18.
★This work is a situation video that reproduces the situation as if you were secretly filming, and there is no action that violates the actual law.
★This work is an image of wearing an underwear style costume.
★The product name and content of this work are fictional.
★Reprinting and resale are strictly prohibited.

pa276.zip(File size: 365M byte)

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