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June 2023

Long way

Posted on Dec. 31, 2021

Voyeur Dec. 31, 2021

Long way

More than 170 likes in the previous work! thank you very much! This work will also be a very naive and gentle model!ーーFor those who are visiting for the first timeーー
Thank you for visiting Nenichi's Competitive Karuta page. I, Nenichi, have a competitive karuta class. We have 3 instructors and 30 members. Students are the main age group, but I seriously teach every day to bring up women's styles from S to K. Especially since I'm in charge of K and have club activities after school, there are a lot of kids who were influenced by that famous manga. After seeing Chihayafuru in this work, the child who used to be in the go-home club started attending once a week and improved considerably. My class is limited to 2 members per frame, and we mainly practice games, warm-up exercises, bill dropping, and payment practice. At the same time, there are games in other rooms, and beginners' classes, etc., so the audio may be a little loud, but please forgive me.
---That's all.--This work contains scenery for 3 days.
She goes to the same school as the previous work, and seems to be a junior in the tea ceremony club of the previous work. It seems that the child of the previous work introduced me, and decided to join our classroom. She seems like a total newbie, hand in hand? I want you to teach me. It seems that he had never touched Karuta itself, so I started from teaching posture. On the first day, you can see the nervousness on her face, which is very cute. I felt really naive, so I tried to incorporate a break that was different from usual. The appearance of eating a delicious sandwich is heart-throbbing. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up as it will encourage me to work on my next work. Time 16 minutes
Size 2.4GB 1920x1080 Nenichi Thank you very much

naganagasiyowo.zip(File size: 2.42G byte)

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