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Cosplayer upside-down shooting 10 [15. Winter event edition 1 fixed with tape]

Posted on July 31, 2021

Voyeur July 31, 2021

Cosplayer upside-down shooting 10 [15. Winter event edition 1 fixed with tape]

If you're a gcolle maniac, you already know what that person is. For
Pants that are visible are shorts or showing pants
Please watch after understanding 1.2nd person
It's a duo of Layers from A*tsu
As usual, I identified the SNS, so I also posted the photos that were posted there.
Looking back on their SNS logs, it seems that these two are always cosplaying together.
I'm glad I was able to let the two of us debut together.
One of the girls was in full view with her skirt slipping up in the back, but it was a pity that I could only capture it for a moment in the video.
It looks like a beginner layer
Is it somewhere like C to K?
I chased after this girl for about 10 minutes and turned her skirt all the time, but in the end she didn't seem to notice.
There is also a light touch on the way
I was wearing stockings, but the inside is completely raw bread
While the girl in the R*butterfly costume she's with is relatively solid in her cosplay, this girl's cosplay is somewhat inconsistent, so she probably invited her to make her layer debut. I expect that
In the second half of the video, I stuck the tape on hand to the skirt and turned it up to fix it.
I don't take care of my exposure properly, so my skirt is turned up and people can see my pants. It's surprising this time, but I feel that there were more raw breads in winter than in summer, including layers and general.
Are you careless?
This is fiction, isn't it? Video format MP4
Total minutes 04 minutes 15 seconds
Video size 1920×1080
* Operation has been confirmed with VLC player and GOM player ・This work is a fictional work directed in a voyeuristic style.
・This product does not contain content defined as ●● pornography or illegal content.
・Photographing is done with the consent of the subject.
・The age of the subject of this work has been confirmed to be 18 years or older.
・The pants worn by the subject in this product are swimwear or shorts, not underwear.
・Reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.
・It is based on the terms of use of this site.

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