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May 2023

Cosplayer upside down 37

Posted on Dec. 31, 2021

Voyeur Dec. 31, 2021

Cosplayer upside down 37

Cosplayers at a certain big event are models
The video was longer than expected, so I decided to split it up.
So I will show you one more video.
○My sister and E○a cosplayers
I happened to be nearby, so I took a picture together
At this time, the shoelaces were rough and entered the image of the shoe turtle, please forgive me
The person in E*kos is wearing black bread, but you can see it sticking out.
It's da*shi*shi's costume
It was a black strike, but you can see the white pants faintly
I forced myself to turn over, but the skirt length was long and I could only see it for a moment 4th, 5th, 6th person
Companion layers of Gochi○sa
I couldn't show it clearly because it was a long skirt in terms of costume.
The slightly purple one in the photo has a shape that looks like it's biting into it.
Those in school uniforms were layered with black.
The main characters are a duo in uniforms.
At the beginning of the game, Ne*te*nu's costume passed by, so I took a quick picture and it was blue? It was pants like
I didn't know what kind of cosplay the person in uniform was wearing.
Inside each skirt, the one with long black hair is layered with white, and the pink cardigan looks like pants.
Mainly follow-up shots with shoe turtles, but even though there are people around, I also challenged to turn up the skirt for a moment Video format MP4
Total minutes 13 minutes 30 seconds
Video size 1920×1080
* Operation has been confirmed with VLC player and GOM player.

nar66.zip(File size: 789M byte)

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