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May 2023

Shooting from directly below ~35~

Posted on Aug. 31, 2021

Voyeur Aug. 31, 2021

Shooting from directly below ~35~

This is a video of the decisive moment, capturing the moment of shooting inside the skirt.
In the video, we interweave the images of the inside of the skirt that we shot, so you can enjoy the video with a more realistic feeling. The zip file consists of mp4 and jpg files. 1st person (number of shots: 3)
Her hair is very bright and looks like a gyaru at first glance, but P has a cute polka dot pattern.
I was a little surprised by the gap with the appearance, but I think this is also the real pleasure of shooting upside down.
Because I used a parasol, my face became dark.
・Mask face
・The second raw leg (number of shots: 2)
An older sister who was perfectly coordinated in black and white.
Since the skirt was black, I thought P was white, but P was also black.
The thighs are more meaty than they look.
・Mask face
・Raw legs

N035.zip(File size: 241M byte)

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