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May 2023

Shooting from directly below ~40~

Posted on Aug. 31, 2021

Voyeur Aug. 31, 2021

Shooting from directly below ~40~

This is a video of the decisive moment, capturing the moment of shooting inside the skirt.
In the video, we interweave the images of the inside of the skirt that we shot, so you can enjoy the video with a more realistic feeling. The zip file consists of mp4 and jpg files. 1st person (number of shots: 2)
A girl in a long red dress.
It seems that she was meeting with a friend immediately after shooting, and her voice is also included in the video.
P had a white background and the edge of the buttocks was like a light purple.
・Mask face
・The second raw leg (number of shots: 2)
It's a different girl from the first person, but apparently she was wearing the same dress as the first person.
It seems that she was also meeting immediately after the shooting, and the video includes a laughing sound of "fufufu".
I tried to shoot twice, but I didn't get enough of it the first time, so P almost didn't come out.
On my second shot, I was able to capture a clear, glossy navy blue P.
・Mask face
・Nama leg 3rd person (number of shots: 2)
A woman in a slightly tight navy blue dress.
The skirt part was long and worn in layers, but the white P was sticking out.
・Mask face
・Raw legs

N040.zip(File size: 262M byte)

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