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May 2024

A gift from a black cat Forbidden upside-down shot 4 vol6

Posted on Sept. 30, 2021

Voyeur Sept. 30, 2021

A gift from a black cat Forbidden upside-down shot 4 vol6

Hello, I'm a black cat (=^..^=) My, this time's work is a JC-like radical woman in plain clothes who is shopping with her parent and child. She's wearing a shoulder-length outfit, a miniskirt, black hair with bangs, and a mask on her chin.
Personally, I don't understand the point of wearing a mask on her chin, but she ignores this woman's mother when she talks to her (゚Д゚)
If you're going to ignore cancer, don't come with me!!!!!
Somehow, I felt like I was going to get clicked just by getting close, so I passed by behind to see what was inside...
Isn't that a cute white P?
Moreover, I don't know if the P is small or the butt is big, but the P is digging in a bit (*゚∀゚)
I also like women with small buttocks like vol5, but I decided to take a picture of a black cat that P likes biting into.
there are people around...
Moreover, a handicraft corner that does not suit men...
A premonition of a dangerous situation... This woman squats down regardless of whether there are people around her.
I have a habit of slouching and choosing products. It's pretty scary, but if you do your best, you might be able to get a good picture!! Yes. I worked hard. If you repeat stretching your legs a little unnaturally when there are people around (*゚∀゚)
About 3 minutes, the superb view of P's forward bending pose!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if the angle was just right (・ω・) Even when my mother was around, I was allowed to put my shoes in from behind.
The beautiful footage and close-up shots of the hand-held turtles that I did so hard (゚▽゚*) I thought it was a white P in the store, but when I checked it at home, it was pink on white fabric. It was a cute cotton P with a pattern (。・ω・。) I'm glad I didn't leave without taking pictures... there are quite a few spectacular views from the shoes.
Many persistent close-up shots with hand-held turtles
Long time for selfie
At the end, I put the turtle directly into the back for a full-length photo shoot (゚▽゚*) There is a scene where you can see the bra inside the clothes when you shoot from directly below, but the bra is black. (..;)
The bottom is cute, but the bra is black (>o<) The bitrate is reduced because the size is too large. But the recording time is over 14 minutes and it's close to 800MB...((^^)) Domo, I'm sorry. For those who like slouched forward poses, and those who like a slightly biting P, you should buy it!!!! I don't know, but... Lastly, "Thank you for letting me see your daughter's P from every angle. Thank you." * Due to the nature of the product, sales may end early. *Unauthorized reproduction of this work is strictly prohibited. There is a mosaic in one part of the store. There is a face. There is a voice. 1 person 786MB 14:40

kindan4-6.zip(File size: 787M byte)

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