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February 2024

(FHD) It's hard! ! I can see your pants Special Edition 9

Posted on July 31, 2021

Voyeur July 31, 2021

(FHD) It's hard! ! I can see your pants Special Edition 9

*Resale! ! Please be careful if you have purchased before. *I hadn't thought about selling this work for YUKI's O-X knee, but I received a message from someone who said, "I really want to see the natural underwear of an active OO!!", so I sold it. To do. *It's very difficult to shoot an active OO, unlike an older sister! ! The teacher who leads them is around, so if they find out that they are filming, they are out! ! (Crying) It's hard! ! You can see the pants Special Edition 9... but it's not a big deal! ! I went to the usual park to take pictures, and when I wandered around the park, it was full of students on a school excursion! ! I got so excited that I took a picture with my camera. Cute C-chan is sitting on the stone steps and engrossed in conversation with her friends, showing off her pure white panties! ! (Most of C-chan wears shorts or shorts, but raw white bread is very rare!!) C-chan in her school uniform is just too cute! ! YUKI also glanced at the cancer while wandering around in front of him many times. (Laughs) Irresistible erotic panties! ! Erotic panties that seem to smell! ! Excited while filming! ! “Amazing~” “This is my first time!!” YUKI thought so in his heart! ! "What happens when you get absorbed in talking with your friends?" is included in this work. Please use this video as a teacher! ! It is the first panchira shooting in my life. My hands trembled, and when I edited only good videos, it was about 2 minutes and 59 seconds. (I think the realism is amazing.) * It's hard! ! You can see the pants. It's a continuation of the special edition 8, so I made it cheaper! ! No hearts, no mosaics, no background processing. If there is demand, I will go out to the park again and take pictures. I'm a total amateur about cameras, so there are some out-of-focus and camera shakes. The price was also set with reference to the price of other people's "street shooting" images. Naturally, it is completely original. The content is about 2 minutes and 59 seconds of a cute girl in uniform.・・・・・High resolution of 1920X1080. (It is converted to MP4.) * The work is high quality without mosaic of the face to the model.
* Confirmed to be over 18 years old! !
*The uniform is for cosplay prepared by YUKI. *It is not a work that violates the rules.
*This work does not fall under child pornography.
*This content is based on the terms of use of this site.
* Reproduction, resale, secondary use, and public disclosure of this video are strictly prohibited. Amount (tax included):
900 yen (tax included) Sales member:
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(FHD) It's hard! ! You can see the pants Special Edition 9 Product ID:
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