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2021 K Journey 2

Posted on Sept. 30, 2021

Voyeur Sept. 30, 2021

This time, the sequel, Seifuku-chan, is released! ! ! Second installment due to popular demand. Although it is weak as a stand-alone product, we will send you a scene packed with such scenes that will still shine and stick in uniforms. We have a variety of items, from long to brilliance, so please enjoy. The contents of this work are: ・(Layered) A girl in a princess state in the middle of Aoharu is in high spirits and her guard is loose.・(White P) It looks scary at first glance with the dull piercing K, but it's cute, has big boobs, and has white P.・(Pattern P) A girl who is simple but shows a cute P by spreading her legs under the table.・(Kasane Hami P) A cute flirting couple with her squishy butt.・(Layered Hami P) A girl who shows a big Hami P even though she is just sitting.・(Kasane Hami P) My style is to spread my legs while eating, but I'm wearing shorts so I don't mind.・(Striped P) Under the table of a very cute girl, a flash of light strikes the heart P. These are the 7 scenes above. However, due to its nature, long and short ones are mixed, so please be careful. The recommended scene of this work is Morojima P-chan recorded at the end. No matter what, she is definitely a top class caste, no, a top-level appearance in her grade, and an erotic body! ! ! Crossed legs look too delicious. And for a moment Moro,,,. This work has been edited to make it easier to see, including some slows. Both the length and the number of scenes are advantageous, so please take a look! ! Playback time: 13:42
Size 1920 x 1080 3.29 GB *This is a voyeur-style work. Please enjoy it as a fictitious situation.
* Resale or secondary use of this work is prohibited.
* Content that violates the terms of use and the laws applied in Japan is not included.

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