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August 2022

9 Songs (2004) 9 Songs (2004) 9 Songs (2004)

Posted on May 23, 2018

Oversea Voyeur May 23, 2018

9 Songs (2004)

Lisa is an American living in London. At the Brixton concert they meet Matt, passionately falling in love with each other, and a year later they are going to break away again. That is all. Michael Winterbottom’s low-budget shot was shot without a screenplay, with only a small crew and a hand-held camera. The simple story line of the film unfolds retrospectively. Matt goes over Antarctica and recalls his relationship with Lisa. Sexual scenes and moments of everyday life alternate with concerts on which the couple are going to Brixton Academy (for example, concerts by Franz Ferdinand or Primal Scream) and where we will also hear nine songs from the film name. Explicit sexual scenes are not to shock the audience. Winterbottom strives for a sensitive description of the relationship at its beginnings, when two people are intensely acquainted. Nine songs is primarily an unprecedented view of the fact, what a freshly loved couple makes behind the bedroom door. Kieran O’Brien, Matt, has already worked with Winterbottom on the Nonstop party and the Bedno series.9 canciones: Sexo en gira, 9 Canções, Nueve canciones, Ice, Nine Songs, 9 tragoudia, 9 pjesama, Kilenc dal, 9 orgasmos, 9 Songs – 9 Canções, 9 pesama, Девять песен, 9 orgazmov, 9 Sarki keepshare9.Songs(2004).mp4


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