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February 2024

(Newcomer) AZK5_G15

Posted on Jan. 31, 2023

Voyeur Jan. 31, 2023

(Newcomer) AZK5_G15

AZK5_G15_a.zipHR Super Cute Rookie #19 Special! *Number at the time
840 lock-on out of 857!
Complete recording from close-up in practice clothes to end flexibility
34b-PC etc. may not be able to decompress ZIP files larger than 2GB, so
The part that sticks out is the "privilege".
Image name unchanged folder integration will be in order of game progress. (image collection)
857 sheets, long side 3300px, 2:3 (vertical main), JPG
No pointless/excessive continuous shooting
Full size RAW development
*No opponent team
*The image number is the serial number for the same season.The sample has been significantly trimmed.
Model, no background processing
There is a logo (watermark) in an inconspicuous place
An environment that can handle ZIP files is required. Purchased data should be enjoyed only by the purchaser.
Secondary and tertiary use such as resale, reproduction, transfer, distribution is prohibited

AZK5_G15_a.zip(File size: 1.82G byte)

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