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#22 Shopping omnibus

Posted on July 31, 2021

Voyeur July 31, 2021

#22 Shopping omnibus

Hello, I'm Mamachari. The work I would like to introduce today is [#22 Shopping Omnibus]. In this work, three beautiful shop assistants appear. We will deliver the state of the customer service. Now let me introduce myself. The first person to appear is a reader model shop assistant with bright eyes and a girly atmosphere. Perhaps you don't have much customer service experience yet, so the response is a little awkward. However, the gentle atmosphere and the cute face are very soothing. The style is not too thin and not too thick, and the thighs are 100 points for Mamachari.
As for the clerk's P today, it looked black for a moment, but when the light shined through it, it turned out to be dark blue satin. This is also very stylishly coordinated. The size of P is also good because it sticks firmly to the buttocks. Pay attention to the shape of the buttocks at the time of close-up. Recording time is 2 minutes and 45 seconds. The next person to appear is a gyaru-style clerk who also has a preeminent style. His face is perfect for today's gyaru, and his way of speaking is a little light, so he's a gyaru. And this style is super sexy. I am happy just to be served by such an echiechi clerk, with plump breasts that can be seen from the clothes and slender legs that extend from the miniskirt.
Today's P for such a gal is black satin with cute embroidery on the front. This store clerk opens your crotch with a nice feeling, so it's great to see the front firmly each time. And she squats down and spreads her legs while serving other customers, so she squats in front of her and gets panchira. This looseness is also a good point of Gyaru. Recording time is 2 minutes 37 seconds. The last one to appear is a girly clerk with a fluffy atmosphere. This store clerk is polite to customers and has a cute voice. Today's P of such a cute clerk is pantyhose and black. This store clerk's skirt is also shaped so that P is almost always visible. The line from the beautiful legs to the buttocks, and the lovely smile and voice will blow you away.
The length is also the longest in this work, and various patterns such as close-up shots, chances, and crouches are firmly suppressed, so I think you can enjoy it, including a sense of realism. Recording time is 2 minutes 51 seconds. *Please note that the price may be raised or the publication of the product may be stopped without prior notice.
*When reviewing, please use the thumbnail as it is, or add a lot of mosaics and solids to the face. If you can't protect it, we will stop the offer.・File format: MP4 file
・Playback time: 8 minutes 13 seconds
・Video size: 2.08GB
・Resolution: 1920×1080
・Frame rate: 59.94fps
・Voice Ali ・The work will be a voyeur-like fiction work.
・Subjects appearing in this product are over the age of 18.
・This product does not contain content defined as child pornography or illegal content.
・The characters, shops, stories, etc. that appear in this work are all fictional. It has nothing to do with real shops or people.
・The description is fictional.
・Secondary use such as reprinting or resale is strictly prohibited. (Once discovered, legal action may be taken)
・There are scenes where the background is partly blurred.
・It is based on the site terms of use.

up22.zip(File size: 2.08G byte)

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