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Posted on April 26, 2021

Voyeur April 26, 2021


[Amateur / Personal Shooting] Hidden Camera at Underwear NG Personal Photo Session Ruru-chan << Change of Clothes >>
This time as well, it is a photo session model of an active JK that I found by making full use of SNS.
She is a pretty girl with an innocent face and a delicate body, just like an idol.
The white skin and poor way of speaking are too cute and I want to protect them.
It is said that the photo opposition has just begun, but there is no doubt that it will soon become popular.
It seems that there are people who like it at school, but the original feeling that "I can't confess because I'm embarrassed ..." is also the best.
Even though she is so cute, she seems to have never had a boyfriend, so there is no doubt that she is a virgin.
It's an angelic girl with a sense of transparency.
The contents are only plain clothes, cosplay (uniform) and ordinary swimwear.
Underwear photography is NG as a matter of course.
I've become quite accustomed to how to hide the camera these days.
Am I okay?
This time is a video that I took a secret shot of changing clothes!
There are two angles from the front and diagonally behind.
Even if the current camera is small, it looks really beautiful.
At first, "plain clothes ⇒ uniform"
And "uniform ⇒ swimsuit"
After confirming that the curtain is closed tightly, lower the skirt.
It's a pretty pink panty with frills!
In addition, the sweater will be taken off with an innocent gesture like a child.
If you show me your slender underwear, you will lean forward and approach the camera, so you can see the cute valley!
The slightly swollen growing boobs are irresistible.
The camera from behind shows a soft buttocks.
For a slender waist, a voluminous round butt is the best.
Next, they will change into the long-awaited swimsuit.
I already have a full erection when I take off my uniform.
When I was in my underwear, I took off my panties first!
Isn't the virgin pussy with thin pubic hair exposed?
If you put on the swimsuit below and then take off your bra, you will see a round areola and nipples on your pretty breasts!
It's really great to see JK's nipples like idols.
It's a wonderful nakedness, just like the forbidden fruit before becoming an adult.
The camera in the back is too cute to see her panties off and her butt sticking out.
You'll want to hit your round ass (laughs)
She had the most cute face and body.
I'm completely addicted to it.
Total Videos: 2
Total Size: 2.13 Gb
Resolution: 1080 x 1920

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