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October 2021

Gcolle_Cheer_235 Gcolle_Cheer_235 Gcolle_Cheer_235

Posted on Oct. 14, 2021

Voyeur Oct. 14, 2021


Sexy Action Showa 03 Spring Koshien Chia 1981a [SA80s03] White Ansco, High Kick, Naniwa Girls 489 [4K] Amazing Video DE Sicotti Time! Continuous attack phase 115 High kick sympathy
Spring Koshien, high school baseball cheerleader. There is also a shot that gave me a high kick with White Ansco. There are 77 in total. The size of the image is about 1700 x 1100. Since it is a scan from film, it has a different taste than a digital camera. All images are in PDF format in "Reading". The browsing image is small, but you can check the contents. This is Naniwa Girls 489. Both boys and girls are unreleased videos. Somehow, the mark is getting tight these days. Because I don't like it, I often shoot pinpoint. It's a hit and away from Saya. The time is short, but high kicks are fired! Ming ◯ Cheerleader Hamipan! At the highest school, you have to get rid of the beautiful contours!
Total Videos: 6
Total Size: 4.52 Gb
Resolution: 3840 x 2160


Gcolle_Cheer_235.part01.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part02.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part03.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part04.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part05.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part06.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part07.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part08.rar(File size: 555M byte)
Gcolle_Cheer_235.part09.rar(File size: 472M byte)

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