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May 2023

Japan HDV - Hikaru Kirishima

Posted on Dec. 31, 2021

Oversea Dec. 31, 2021

Japan HDV - Hikaru Kirishima

Hikaru Kirishima - Hikaru Kirishima is in her kimono as the hostess of a drunken office
Released: December 31, 2021Today is the end of the year dinner with the office staff and the boss is a little upset. The employees are all here and eating and drinking but the host of the party seems to have forgotten to invite some female entertainment. It turns out that the pretty kimono clad hostess is just running late and will be there soon. The boss has emphasized that it is important for all the men to replenish themselves for the coming new year and that includes sexually. When the hostess arrives they suggest that they play a game with her called Who is the King?The one who is the king gets to make the rules and do as he pleases. He decides that as the king he wants to kiss the hostess on the lips and he reaches over and grabs her and French kisses her deeply for several minutes. The next one chosen as the king decides that he wants to see her panties for one minute. So the hostess must stand up and spread her legs and lift her kimono so he can get a look at her panties for one minute. This is fine until she lifts her kimono and they see she has no panties on. The men are now very excited as they are all happy to get a good look at her hairy bush as they get her to spread her legs some. She helps them out by reaching down and spreading open her pussy so they can get a good look deep inside her pussy. This game is going very well and the drunken office workers are getting more bold as they ask the hostess for more and more outrageous things as they become king. The next king insists on seeing the hostess masturbate. So she sits back and spreads her legs and opens her pussy to slip a hand down… Go watch the full video to see what happens. It is so much better than reading about it!Preview:
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