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Japan HDV - Iku Sakuragi

Posted on June 29, 2022

Oversea June 29, 2022

Japan HDV - Iku Sakuragi

Iku Sakuragi - A date in Macau with Iku Sakuragi and her tour guide turned lover
Released: June 29, 2022Iku Sakuragi is back with our lovely series of couple vacations and showcasing the lovely cities and countries in Asia where these couples go to enjoy a short vacation. Today Iku Sakuragi is in Macau with her tour guide. The day is long as these two spend all day enjoying all that Macau has to offer. There are a lot of lovely streets filled with interesting buildings they explored. They also enjoyed some of the interesting street food that is unique to Macau.With all this exploring and spending so much time on their feet they got tired and needed to also spend some time in the hotel. They got a very nice five star hotel that is famous in Macau and they retired there for the rest of the afternoon. They both decided that it would be fun to really enjoy the hotel and take a nice nap there. The tour guide seemed very interested in Iku’s tits and started off rubbing them through her top. He unbuttoned her top as he really waned to get his hands all over her hot tits! Iku really seemed into this as well as she was helping him along the way unbuttoning her top so she could get rid of that extra layer of clothing and get down to her tits. He decided that kissing her mouth deeply would be a great way to warm her up as his hands continued to lift and pull at her clothes undressing her. He decided to pull her breasts out without even taking off her bra as he was so eager to get to her nipples and start touching them. Go watch the full video to enjoy all the fun they had in that five star hotel.Preview:
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