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January 2023

Japan HDV - Kai Miharu

Posted on Aug. 30, 2022

Oversea Aug. 30, 2022

Japan HDV - Kai Miharu

Kai Miharu - This is the black magic ward of the strangest sex testing hospital
Released: August 30, 2022What a wild world Kai walked into. She thought she was going in for some medical testing. She thought this would be a normal day where she is asked questions and monitored and she would submit to some normal type of tests. But it seems this is crazy world where she walks in and everyone is doing odd sexual explorations on each other and the test are anything but normal. It seems she has signed away her rights and that this medical testing needs her to spread her legs and lay back so they can shove probes up her ass...It also seems that she has signed away her right to masturbate as they want to keep all her juices in her for these wildly sexual tests. This is supposed to be one week of testing and then she gets paid. But this strange place means she might end up trying to escape as they are asking her for wild weird things from her. Besides the anal probe on the first day she is to pee in a cup for them. Not sure what the reason for all that is, but Kai does it anyway to comply with the doctors and nurses. After peeing in the cup she sees some man jerking off. He sees her as well and pulls her in to help him jerk his cock. He spreads her legs and examines her panties to see they are moist. He wants in. He pulls off her panties and starts to finger fuck her sweet pussy. She is then told to grab his cock and jerk him off before he pulls her in and asks her to suck him off. This is one strange medical testing facitity.Preview:
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