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May 2023

JD style. mini skirt. Upside down shot. Appearance.

Posted on Aug. 31, 2021

Voyeur Aug. 31, 2021

JD style. mini skirt. Upside down shot. Appearance.

A JD-style model with a plaid miniskirt. Raw panties will be exposed to the raw legs again this time. It is a rare soft panty for a miniskirt model. The dot pattern and gray panties are in close contact with the soft buttocks and cracks, so the streaks and bulges are irresistible. At first, I hung the bag on the buttocks side as a panchira guard, but I shifted it to the side from the middle because the bag hit the people walking behind me. After that, the panties will continue to be exposed to the back of the buttocks. It was a model with a perfect service, pointing her butt to me and opening her crotch. Panties are fully exposed for about 4 minutes. *Face mosaics are not included. Video 4:09 (no still image)
Resolution 1920×1080
FPS 60
With audio
Video format MP4

24.zip(File size: 303M byte)

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