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May 2023

JK-style girls' panties Vol.3

Posted on Aug. 31, 2021

Voyeur Aug. 31, 2021

JK-style girls' panties Vol.3

We will sell the third work of JK-style girls' upside-down shooting style.
The model girls this time are pure white panty JKs.
After all, JK's panties seem to be the most popular in pure white.The first model is a serious JK-style model who looks good with a ponytail.
She's a very good girl, and she was unpretentious throughout the shoot.
I also tried flipping it.
I was a little surprised because it moved on the way, but after all there is no warning
Thanks to that, I was able to enjoy JK's voluptuous thighs and buttocks. The second is a cute JK-style girl with short haircuts.
She was a really cool model.
I was hanging out at a certain grocery store, so I asked her to be a model, and she happily accepted.
I was able to take a picture of the pattern on the front of the pure white panties.
I hope you can enjoy the pure white panties and cute faces of these JK-style girls who were really good girls who looked at the camera perfectly in the full-body picture.
Since no mosaic is applied to the model of the main part and the image
Please enjoy the face and underwear. (Some mosaics may be used in the background, etc.) The video is in MP4 format.
It is a completely original amateur girl.
Readers, purchasers, and regulars, please read this note and the intent of the content.・We have confirmed that the characters appearing in this work are over the age of 18.
・The person appearing in this work is a model, and we are shooting with consent.
・This work was filmed as a situational video for the purpose of being released to the public.
・This work pursues the fetishes in my private life, and is not a voyeur film.
・Reproduction of images, videos, etc. is strictly prohibited.
・Please note that sales may be stopped suddenly due to circumstances.
Price (tax included): 700 yen (tax included)
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