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September 2022

Jules Jordan - Liv Wild

Posted on May 30, 2020

Oversea May 30, 2020

Jules Jordan - Liv Wild

Liv Wild - Sexy School Girl Liv Wild Released: May 10, 2020B. 12/17/98 in Panama City, Panama, 5’2” Liz is an American of “Latin/Multi-ethnic” ethnicity. From 2018-2020 (“Started around 20 years old,” per iafd), she earned 75 performer credits, including this one labeled “Ripe 9.” As of today’s date, 5/10/20, Liz is a hot 22yo with stunning skin, plus a number of other assets. [email protected]:33 [whispering, as MF thumbs her pussy]: “It’s yours.” Her whimper and the look on LW’s face says: “I’m fully aware that you are a master fucker who is going to get me off multiple times, sir, so feel free to do whatever you please with me.”...Because his reputation as a man who adores women is well known, dozens of MF’s scenes open similarly. In an opening scene with Kendra Sunderland, she is so excited that, like LW, she can hardly talk. For the finale, she begs to swallow his load. In another with elegant Elena Koshka, she can’t stop smiling as they schmooze, fully clothed. When MF asks why she keeps smiling, she replies: “I’m so happy.” “About what”? “Being with you.” She adds, “I’m so excited.” “I’m excited, too,” MF replies. I’m loving the gap between LW’s front teeth, which are surrounded by luscious thick but natural lips. MF notices that her panties are soaked over her camel toe. “Why are you so wet”? LW [As in the scene with Kendra, headphones may be required to hear it]: “Because I’m so excited.” Prediction: This scene will be a scorcher. 3:55: LW’s facial expression after MF slaps her butt: She loves it. I hope to see it again on the CAPS (screen captures) tab. 3:56: Her protruding tongue confirms that LW is turned on. Thanks for capturing that, MF. 4:27: A reconfirmation. 4:50: The expression of a young girl who has just discovered her clit. 5:50: Twerking and giggling while adjusting the stockings. Adorably hot! 6:10: LW poses her left hand daintily on a wonderfully-shaped handrail, while her right hand is nicely posed on her hair. This is a very photogenic girl but in a dainty way in comparison with Riley Steele, who is another very photogenic woman. 7:14: First, it was her dripping panties, now it’s two erect nipples to confirm for us how turned on LW is by the prospect of what is to come. 12:00: I’m loving each of LW’s giggles every time MF says “Wow!” 23:40: MF maneuvers LW into his favorite position for unleashing the inner beasts of his partners. 24:40: Exactly one minute later, LW loudly lets one escape. Finale: The unnamed director (Jules?) prompts LW to go eyes to eyes with us viewers, which results in LW providing us numerous funny faces that cause to smile, plus one last look at her precious nipples. This is a solid 10/10 for all those involved in creating this keeper, as confirmed by its current rating by the members of a perfect 5.0, with thumbs up at 100.0%. Liv Wild, you chose a perfect screen name for yourself. Be sure to check out the Photos and Caps Tabs, as there are some fab images there for your enjoyment.Preview: JulesJordan.20.05.10.Liv.Wild.XXX.1080p.mp4 Size: 1809 MB | Duration: 37 min | Video: 1920x1080, 6775 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 48000 Hz, ‎106 kbits/sDownload: Watch online: Spare links:

JulesJordan.20.05.10.Liv.Wild.XXX.1080p.mp4(File size: 1.77G byte)

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