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kuri113-1 Skirt HOLIC ・ 113

Posted on July 29, 2021

Voyeur July 29, 2021

kuri113-1 Skirt HOLIC ・ 113

This time is the annual (?) School route series. We hope that you will enjoy the unique feeling of being on the road to school in the morning.
It was when I got off the train that I encountered JK, who is the main character in the video.
When I somehow checked the inside of the skirt with intuition from a group of the same uniforms, I confirmed raw P. Just follow the trail, go up the stairs, and take a follow-up shot to the outside of the ticket gate. And join with your friends here. The two of us entered the station shop, so we will arrive.
■ File format: mp4 ■ Playback time: 6:00 seconds ■ Resolution: 1920 x 1080 ■ Frame rate: 59.94fps ■ Voice: Yes ■ Face moza: No
File Size: 1.34 Gb
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:06:01

kuri113-1.part1.rar(File size: 555M byte)
kuri113-1.part2.rar(File size: 555M byte)
kuri113-1.part3.rar(File size: 271M byte)

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