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November 2023

Le miroir obscene

Posted on Oct. 8, 2017

Oversea Voyeur Oct. 8, 2017

Le miroir obscene

Alternative Titles:
Al otro lado del espejo
The Obscene MirrorYear: 1975
Country: Spain / France
Genre: Erotic, Horror, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: French
Subtitles: EnglishDirector: Jess Franco
Studio: Producciones Cinematograficas Orfeo, Comptoir Francais du Film Production (CFFP)Starring: Emma Cohen, Robert Woods, Francoise Brion, Philippe Lemaire, Alice Arno, Ramiro Oliveros, Howard Vernon, Maria Basso, Ada Tauler, Roger Sarbib, Wal Davis, Lina Romay
Description: Ana Olivera is a singer-songwriter who plays jazz in nightclubs. She lives in Madeira with her father, who is secretly obsessed with her. Depressed over her coming marriage to Arturo, Mr. Olivera commits suicide on his daughter’s wedding day. Distraught, she breaks her engagement and throws herself into her work and a series of affairs with an actor, a theater director and an aging playboy. Meanwhile, the selfish ghost of her father lives on inside the mirror where she first caught sight of his dead body, compelling the psychotic Ana to murder any man who vies for her heart.File Size: ~1050MB
Resolution: 716×546
Duration: 92 min
Format: mp4File Size: ~1050MB
Resolution: 716×546
Duration: 92 min
Format: mp4 KEEPSHARELe.miroir.obscene.mp4

Le.miroir.obscene.mp4(File size: 1.01G byte)

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