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February 2024


Posted on Feb. 12, 2024

Voyeur Feb. 12, 2024

Behind the skirt of an eyeglass shop clerk vol.07
This is the 7th voyeur video of an eyeglass shop clerk.
This time it's an older sister with an erotic body who appeared in the third installment. Last time I wore black P, but this time I'm wearing white P.
■Video explanation
First of all, my face is not shown this time. If you have seen the previous video, I would appreciate it if you could fill me in.
The difference from last time is that she has short hair.
Now about the video, it starts with the person sitting with their legs crossed under a chair. (Top product image)
This time too, she keeps her legs open, so you can enjoy her erotic thighs, knees, and calves from behind her skirt. I also like that the fabric of the skirt is taut♪
However, here there is no light and there is no P flicker.
After that, there will be a scene where the light hits and you can see a glimpse of P.
On the way, there is a scene where the center seam is clearly reflected in the larger P. You can also see that it is a patterned P on a white background. This is for a moment, so please stop and look.
And at the end, it ends with the same pose as the last one. (Bottom right of product image)
The area of ​​the P is small here and the center seam cannot be seen, but it can be said that it is a P glimpse only in white!
If you look at the product image, you will be able to see this lady's erotic body. Although it doesn't have a face, the feeling of looking at its body from a close distance is irresistible.
The playback time is shorter, but compared to the 3rd edition, the P-chira shot quality is about the same.
In addition, in conjunction with the sale of this work, we have reduced the price of ``Behind the Glasses Shop Clerk's Skirt vol.03'' in which the same model appears, so if you are interested, please take a look at that as well.
★ To enjoy the video ★
-P scenes caused by light irradiation are often short, so try slowing down or pausing the playback.
- If it is dark and you cannot see it, you may be able to see it by increasing the brightness.
-The video is horizontal (left side up), so please rotate it according to the playback environment.
(We recommend viewing on a rotatable PC monitor)
■Model information■
Number of people recorded: 1 person
Face: None
Position: sitting
Stocking color: beige
P color: White (with pattern)
■Product information■
Video format: mp4 *Operation confirmed on iPhone SE (2nd)
Playing time: 48 seconds
Resolution: 1920×1080
Video size: 80.5MB
Video orientation: horizontal
Audio: None
Blur: -

megane07.rar(File size: 81M byte)

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