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February 2023

Missa X - New 2022 Updates

Posted on Aug. 31, 2022

Oversea Aug. 31, 2022

Missa X - New 2022 Updates

Ashley Lane - Watching Porn With Ashley
Lily Larimar - Overprotected Daddy
Mona Wales - MILFP Mother In Law Free PassAshley Lane struggles with the remote control as her stepbrother, Codey Steele, walks in the living room. "They changed the parental lock code again, do you know what it is?" Codey remarks how silly it is for them both to be 18 but not allowed to watch R-rated movies, and he suggests finding his mom or her dad's laptop! She runs to their room and finds it, and it opens to a porn playing! It's a taboo porn about a stepmom and a son, and it is just so despicable, perverted and shameful, but she can't look away. She insists that the two of them watch it, just to be sure they know what their stepparents are up to. She feels her panties get wet, she looks at her stepbrother who is trying to hide his bulge in his jeans. Ashley has an idea, an idea that will change their relationship for the rest of their lives. Watch the story unfold..---Carrie enters the kitchen dressed in her old high school cheerleader costume, and her stepfather objects, forbidding her to leave the house "dressed like a harlot". She tells him it's just for a costume party, but he puts his foot down, saying "When I married your mother I was under the impression that you were a good girl and I intend to keep it that way".He even threatens to throw out all her belongings if she disobeys and leaves like that. "Girls that dress up like jail-bait, they don't get very far", he maintains. He starts to interrogate Carrie about her boyfriend Mike, even though she denies that she's going to the party with him. Getting more and more personal with his questions, he asks: "So just tell me, did he take your virginity?". She dodges the question but claims: "He cared for me and I cared about him". "Don't you care about me?, stepdaddy asks, and she says yes.He leans over and kisses her neck and then on her lips. She pulls away, and he becomes sarcastic: "I thought that kissing and touching were all right if you care about the person". Stepdaddy keeps browbeating her, finally saying "So you're not a virgin anymore?", and she admits that's true. He becomes angry and starts pacing around, stating that he'll report Mike to the police.Carrie asks: "Is there anything I can do to make you see that I'm still good?". He asks her to come with him, and she objects at first, so he asks if she trusts him. Taking her to the bedroom, Carrie stops warily in the doorway, but he coaxes her to come in and sit on the bed. He kisses and hugs her, stating: "I want you to tell me everything, about what you and Mike did. We're a family and we don't keep secrets".Going further, stepdaddy asks: "Did he touch you, like this?" as he rubs her panties and exclaims: "Oh my God, you're already wet!". He continues caressing her pussy through the thin cloth and Carrie's breathing becomes heavy. Watch the story unfold..Preview:
Size: 2042 MB | Duration: 47 min | Video: 1920x1080, 6114 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎127 kbits/sMissaX.2022.Lily.Larimar.Overprotected.Daddy.XXX.1080p.mp4
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