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June 2023

pigeon select 2

Posted on Dec. 31, 2021

Voyeur Dec. 31, 2021

pigeon select 2

[Wind image] This is an image carefully selected by pigeon, including 8 people.
・Size 2000 x 3000, 250 sheets or more.
・Because it is compressed, please decompress it and enjoy it. 【remarks】
* The person recorded is a model (photographer) over the age of 18 and is photographed with consent.
*The sample image blurs the model, but the product image does not blur the model.
* Please understand that many of the models in the images are wearing masks because the times are so recent.
*There are no adult images such as nudity in this product.
* Content that violates the terms of use of Pcolle is not included. ★Ownership rights and copyrights of information and images obtained with the purchase of this product belong to the seller.
Secondary use such as reprinting and resale of information and images recorded in this product, and transfer etc. are prohibited.
The purchaser can purchase this product only if it is not reprinted, resold, transferred, etc.

PS2.zip(File size: 102M byte)

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