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February 2023

s5t Girls in T-backs at the last minute ♡

Posted on Jan. 25, 2023

Voyeur Jan. 25, 2023

s5t Girls in T-backs at the last minute ♡

* All three works will be new works.
① The first person was found at a certain convenience store, very good with meat,
A plump and very erotic girl.
A dress like a long T-shirt, under which is a T-back,
I'm shopping alone in such a look. .
The buttocks are also plump and erotic as you can imagine, and the crotch part of the panties,
is quite close to the point, and you can't see the important things,
I think that this is also a very impressive image. .
While watching, you may find yourself using pauses a lot. .
With my favorite body, I will be the main-chan this time. .
② The second person is an older woman who is shopping at a certain shopping center.
It looks like a flashy red miniskirt that catches the eye
Even though it's such a mini, she's wearing a white lace thong. .
I wondered if I could see the buttocks, but I was surprisingly cautious
There was a strong feeling that this movement was quite concerned,
I was able to take a picture while being careful. .
This is also a plump erotic body. . .
③ I was wondering if the third person should be the main one,
A sister with a beautiful face like Kiritani Rei. .
This is a green mini dress with a pure white T-back,
We spent a good amount of time shooting from almost directly below. .
Contrary to such a beautiful face, the buttocks are very erotic and plump. .
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