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March 2023

Son de mar (2001)

Posted on Nov. 30, 2022

Oversea Voyeur Nov. 30, 2022

Son de mar (2001)

Those. Data
Video: DVDRip, AVI, 704×376, 1645 kb/s
Audio (2 audio): 1. RU. (AC3, 2 ch, 192 kb/s) | 2.ES. (AC3, 2 ch, 192 kb/s)
Size: 1.37 GBName: Noise of the sea
Other names: Son de mar / Sound of the Sea
Year: 2001
Genres: Erotica, Drama, Melodrama
Duration: 01;35;47
Countries: Spain
Languages ​​(2 audios): 1. Russian | 2. Spanish
Voice acting: Professional (two-voice)
DOWNLOAD Subtitles: MISCELLANEOUS (untested on this release)
Directed by: Bigas Luna
Starring: Jordi Molla, Leonor Watling, Eduard Fernandez In a small town, by the bluest sea in the world, a visiting vagabond and dreamer Ulysses appears. He enters a cafe and meets the most beautiful girl on the coast. Perhaps by some other sea, nothing would have happened, but Ulysses is enchanted by Martine, and Martine is fascinated by the wonderful stories and ancient poems of Ulysses. The third in their tale is the Sea, it rhymes crazy love scenes with its endless movement. This woman is loved by a rich businessman named Alberto but chooses Ulises. Soon after their marriage and the birth of their son, Ulises vanishes while fishing at sea. In the meanwhile Martina marries Alberto, but all is not what it seems…

SonDeMar.mp4(File size: 1.36G byte)

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