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March 2023

Stuck 4K - Sharon White

Posted on May 31, 2021

Oversea May 31, 2021

Stuck 4K - Sharon White

Sharon White - Be careful with gym equipment or you’ll get stuck! - E12
Released: May 31, 2021Sharon White was in great shape due to the fact that she was often going to the gym. She was working hard with gym equipment, and sometimes she was losing track of time, ending up all alone in the dark empty room! This is what happened that day. Sharon just finished her last exercise when she realized that her leg was stuck. The belt from the gym equipment was almost holding on to her like it didn’t want to let such beauty escape. She was so tired that all her efforts to free herself were pointless...- Hey, someone please help me! – she screamed. A coach went out of the room by accident. He looked at the girl with curiosity, bent over while trying to help her, and accidentally pressed his lips against her pubis. Guy could feel her sexy smell, and he couldn’t think about anything else other than fucking this pussy right here, right now! Sharon could see that he got turned on, and she definitely didn’t mind having some passionate sex with this stranger. Preview:
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