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May 2023

See-through thong is the ultimate excitement_infrared see-through 012

Posted on Aug. 31, 2021

Voyeur Aug. 31, 2021

See-through thong is the ultimate excitement_infrared see-through 012

Free samples below
https://www.pcolle.com/product/detail/?product_id=14913060ea9cbd5d233 <Erosuke infrared series sample version summary> With bonus! Trial version summary 1-12_Infrared transparent series sample
https://www.pcolle.com/product/detail/?product_id=14930160ecac471f295 <Product description>
This time the sacrifice is for two people, both girls in black pants style.
To put it bluntly, the main dish is the second person's transparent T-back and it's so erotic. It's so transparent that you can eat rice even if it's short, so it's "extremely erotic",
The free sample is just an introduction for a moment. <First sacrifice>
Did you let your guard down when choosing underwear because it's a black pants style?
There is a P line that seems to be cotton pants. When you look at this buttocks through a special camera, it clearly emerges, exposing the embarrassing P-line magnificently.
This is embarrassing~^^; <Second sacrifice>
It's short in terms of time, but the erotic T-back is transparent.
The gradation is also sparse, as if tracing the shape clearly from top to bottom (even the sweat tags can be clearly seen, so it's quite transparent!
I think she made it into a thong so that her underwear line wouldn't resonate, but that completely backfired. The erotic T-back that bites into your buttocks will hit your crotch!
T-back is also erotic because the meat on the buttocks shakes plumply. I'm begging you, don't pull it out with a sample~ (laughs)
Come on in the main story! If you can sympathize with me even a little, please support me and purchase it so that I can continue to work in the future \(^o^)/
It would be greatly appreciated if you could rate us! Video format: FHD image quality mp4 format 1920 x 1080 no sound
Length 6 minutes 39 seconds (including slow and repeat parts)

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