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Evolved Fights - Mona Wales Evolved Fights - Mona Wales Evolved Fights - Mona Wales

Posted on April 14, 2019

Oversea April 14, 2019

Evolved Fights - Mona Wales

Mona Wales - Mona Wales VS Will Havoc Released: April 5, 2019Mona "the Erection" Wales is on our mats for her first taste of the Evolved Fights Match rules. She has some wrestling experience and is known for humiliating her opponents in her prize rounds. She has some long, dangerous legs that trap her opponents and make them submit frequently. Today she is taking on Will Havoc who has a pretty good record for Evolved Fights, especially considering we have thrown him to some of our most skilled Females ( like Dee Williams and Mistress Kara)..Will is thrilled to get another blond pornstar to take on. He's been having good luck with them. This match is truly a competitive sex fight. Both wrestlers are so intent on winning that they often forget to go for their sex points and tend to go for more submissions. There are many submissions and thanks to our penalty rules, this makes for some really intense ( and often painful and humiliating) penalty segments. The Wrestlers go for ass sniffing and spanking for the penalties to get in their dominance even on the breaks. One wrestler squeaks by with a victory, ties up the loser and fucks and humiliates the poor loser bitch.Preview: EvolvedFights.19.04.05.Mona.Wales.XXX.SD.mp4 Size: 359 MB | Duration: 45 min | Video: 720x400, 1123 kbits/s, 30.00 FPS | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎128 kbits/sDownload: Spare links:


EvolvedFights.19.04.05.Mona.Wales.XXX.SD.mp4(File size: 360M byte)

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