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February 2024


Posted on Feb. 12, 2024

Voyeur Feb. 12, 2024

Behind the skirt of a mobile shop clerk vol.20 (S style)
This is the 20th voyeur video of a mobile shop clerk.
I asked a lady who looks good in glasses to act as an S-style guide. This time, since summer is coming, I'm wearing a one-piece summer uniform.
■Face & whole body part (6 seconds)
I am telling the requirements at the reception. She is an older lady wearing glasses who seems to be able to do her job efficiently.
■Back part of the skirt (1 minute 21 seconds)
This time, there was only a camera installed on the floor, and there was no video or light irradiation from the handheld camera.
It starts with the older sister squatting down with both legs. Her legs are slightly spread apart, so you can see the ▲ between her crotches, but that part is dark and I can't see her P clearly.
After a while, the legs will close and you won't even be able to see them. After that, the pose changes, such as putting both knees on the floor, but you can hardly see the picture.
It's such a waste to be so close that you can see the fraying of her pantyhose. However, since I'm taking the opportunity to do so, I'll include the part where the older sister stands up and leaves uncut.
Although it is a crouching video, the P-flicker is not visible very well.
As I said at the beginning, the key point is that the older sister's uniform is a one-piece dress. It's cuter than the usual uniform.
However, due to my personal preferences, this is the only S-style one-piece video I own, so if you are interested, please take this opportunity to purchase it.
★ To enjoy the video ★
-P scenes caused by light irradiation are often short, so try slowing down or pausing the playback.
- If it is dark and you cannot see it, you may be able to see it by increasing the brightness.
-The video is horizontal (left side up), so please rotate it according to the playback environment.
(We recommend viewing on a rotatable PC monitor)
■Model information■
Number of people recorded: 1 person
Face: Yes
Position: Crouching
Stocking color: beige
Color of P:?
■Product information■
Video format: mp4 *Operation confirmed on iPhone SE (2nd)
Playing time: 1 minute 27 seconds
Resolution: 1920×1080
Video size: 148MB
Video orientation: horizontal
Audio: None
Blur: At line of sight

keitai20.rar(File size: 149M byte)

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